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Following the referendum result in June, the UK Government will need consistent and informed support to formulate its Brexit strategy and has called upon business associations in the UK to assist in this process. However, COBCOE believes it is essential that negotiations include a European dimension.

COBCOE occupies a unique position from which to advise on Brexit business negotiations and secure an economically viable future for Britain and Europe.

As the representative organisation for British chambers of commerce and their 8,000 business members in and around continental Europe, COBCOE has the ability to test and collect business opinion across the continent and advise governments internationally on the reality on the ground before policy is made.

In order to capitalise on this position and drive a positive negotiations process on behalf of business, a task-force has been created to support the COBCOE Brexit Ambition initiative. To read more about the strategy of this task-force please click here.

COBCOE has created a survey for business to assess the level of engagement in international trade between companies in Europe before and after the Referendum. The results of this survey will support the project which aims to establish the needs of business in terms of trade deals from the bottom up.

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